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Text for Page 217 [06-02-1861]

	My Mother�s Letter.
would almost tempt the adoption of Charlotte
Bronte�s melancholy belief that some persons
are appointed beforehand to sorrow and disap-
pointment.       She led surely one of the meg mea-
grest of lives, with respect to all that ordina-
rily goes to the making up of existence.  Yet
this George may lay to heart; what of love and
happiness she experienced, he gave her.  It�s
a touching story, their long affection for each other
and its end.       I�m glad, from my soul, that
the child survives � there�s help in the claim it
has upon its bereaved father.      Poor George! God
lighten this heavy sorrow to him.              My mo-
ther tells me that Charley has some money from
the �Illustrated London News� for me (for the draw-
ing) but awaits payment for photographs � that
he has been unsuccessful in finding a publisher
for my projected �Charleston in Secession-Time;�
� that warts on the soles of his feet have 
disabled him from walking and necessi-
tated an operation.   The elder of the Bagster
brothers lies stricken with paralysis.    My mo-
ther and sister went to Chigwell immediately,
on little Rosa�s premature delivery of a dead
baby, on March the 28th.           �I thought her
mother ought to be with her,� adds mine; �but               
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