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Text for Page 218 [06-03-1861]

	News from England.
she did not go until the beginning of this month.�
Mrs. Gazey � honest Charlotte Bennett � was with
Mrs. Bolton on this occasion; they stayed a week,
spending a day at Rodney Buildings.     Charley
takes her to Neithrop within the week of my
mother�s writing.      Poor Minny, too, Sam�s
wife, has had another dead child, at which
all are sorry.      Thomas Edward Fielder, my
mother�s cousin, eldest son of her uncle, died
suddenly of some internal complaint � �a great
shock to his mother, who is 87 years old.�     His
wife died last summer.     They are childless and
very wealthy.    Only a sister and brother, both
unmarried remain; my mother conjectures that
her uncle�s �heaped-up wealth� may go to some
hospital or charity.        My father �looks rather
better.�     Bellew has not visited our folks, nor
Bob Gun, the latter of whom offers to �send
messages to me every week.�   Our folks have seen
nothing of the Barths for a long time; they live
somewhere near Finchley.   The youngest daughter
had to return to her parents; her husband Wa-
lenn being a bankrupt.               Poor Mary Anne
wants news of home; says its �lonely� in
dreary Illinois; that her sons are busy and
times hard (�only six banks in the state               
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