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Text for Page 219 [06-03-1861]

worth anything�) that it�s difficult to get clo-
thes to wear � and not a word of tidings of
Joe, ince the family lived in Philadelphia.
  Rather a sad triplet of letters, I trow.
  Richardson and Phillips up; the former look-
ing very manly and hearty in his 7th regiment
uniform.            Met him again, at 4 P.M., in
Broadway, when I turned out to post letters;
anon little Miss Maguire (who told me that she
lived at 320 Broome street), and presently
Kettle, like Richardson, in his uniform, also
accoutred and knapsacked.      He looked well,
with the exception of unclean teeth, said that the
ex-Miss Fagan and his child were all right, that
business was dead and that he thought of going
to California.       Writing �Post� article in the
  4.  Tuesday.   Haney up, to return gutta-per-
cha overcoat.  Down-town, per omnibus.  To
�Evening Post� office, saw Maverick; to Harper�s,
saw Bonner; got $7 for drawing left on Satur-
day; to Haney�s office, then up-town.  Writing
&c. during the afternoon and till midnight.
Cahill and Boweryem up in the afternoon.  The
former says that he has taken the oath of alle-
giance and that he expects veritably to be a               
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