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Text for Page 222 [06-04-1861]

           W. Leslie�s Office �burgled.�
I dined with the Colonel in the big room des-
cribed in the text and stayed till 2 � P.M.
Walter, the man who was with Major Anderson
in Sumter, told me that neither he nor any of his
comrades expected to quit that place with their
lives, and that the fire of the Carolinians, during 
the bombardment, was excellent.    He added that
he had no cause of complaint against them; say-
ing, �they treated us better than the Government.�
Anderson had accurate information of the inten-
tion to su^|r|prise him at Fort Moultrie.   Walter,
who had lived down south for two years, rather
liked the people there.         Wrote report during
the evening.
  6.  Thursday.   Down town per omnibus to
the �Evening Post� Office.  Hither and thither;
a very rainy day.           Called on W. Leslie.  His
office had been entered by burglars overnight �
for the second time; the first one, the theives
broke sundry locks, obtaining some bad bank-
notes; the second nothing but two sample bottles
of champagne, which they opened and drank,
leaving a well-written, ill-spelt request for more
on the desk.         Leslie tells me that the Hayes�
family are going to leave 16th street for Phila-
delphia � cause an attempt on the part of the               
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