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Text for Page 223 [06-05-1861]

	Anne Bishop�s Concert.

[newspaper clipping continued]
  Were it desirable, their numbers might readily
be doubled, such is the eagerness of our German
population to enlist in the service of their adopted
country.  Yesterday eighty-five of them, under
command of Captain Con. Williams, arrived from
Pittsburg, of whom only fifteen have been accepted
for Colonel Weber�s regiment.  The remaining
seventy will join the Sickles brigade.
	       THE START.
  The Twentieth have received orders to be in
readiness for embarkation on Friday for Fortress

[Gunn�s diary continued]
		Winter Garden people
		to cut down Hayes� sala-
		ry.     They go in a week;
		when Haney will miss
		an ordinary means of
disposal of half of his evenings.          A let-
ter from Heylyn, at Rochester, in answer
to a line of mine, written on Monday, chan-
cing his being there still.   He incloses a card,
from which I learn that he is engaged in the
Fishing tackle business; in which he says he
has succeeded, but �the cold weather and the
war� has hurt his trade.       His wife�s health
is very poor and, three months ago, a horse
knocked her down and damaged her ancle,
so that he fears she is crippled for life.     He
invites me to visit him on my way to Canada.
  This evening went to Anna Bishop�s concert,
with Boweryem.    There�s a musical prodigy
in our house which plays upon the piano, and
its father gave us tickets.       A little girl with
her fiddle was the best feature of the entertain-
ment.      The place happened to be the Stuyvesant
Institute, at which I had a vivid recollection
of Lotty� giving a concert, under the auspices
of the very man, Sedgwick, who this very eve-               
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