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Text for Page 224 [06-05-1861]

       Alf Waud arrested in mistake for Bill!
ning presided at the piano.     How well I remem-
ber little Whytal�s enthusiastic applause and
his zeal in uncorking a porter-bottle subsequently;
when we went behind the scenes.        In the par-
lor till 11; writing to Heylyn afterwards.
  7.  Friday.   Down-town.   Met Clarence Ey-
tinge who said that Alf Waud had got into
trouble at or near Washington, having been arrested
by some troops in the service of the government,
on suspicion of being a spy!     They had heard
of Bill�s enlistment in the Southern army,
and confounded the identity of the brothers.  Alf
obtained his liberty, after some bother.      I wonder
if this little incident wont abate some of his
surplus animosity against t�other side!
  Clarence has been at some meeting, in common
with O�Brien, Sears, Mullen and others of
that kidney, anent going to the Wars � all pro-
fessing to be anxious to do it � as officers.
O�Brien (who was so drunk during a parade
at Washington, as to oblige his commanding of-
ficer to order a man to conduct him to his
tentx) expects a captaincy.   He, O�B. has �jerk-
ked his little editorials and poems,� as the Bo-
x Burger (our ex-boarder) told Cahill this.               
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