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Text for Page 226 [06-06-1861]

	  More Soldiering
I accompanied the Colonel Hall mentioned
in the text and an ex-commissiarat man to
Camp Yates, being offered a seat in their car-
riage, which I found surrounded by a crowd
of thirty or forty men in a half-mutinous condi-
tion, for the reason chronicled in the last par-
agraph but one.      We dined with the �Cali-
fornian� officers in capital style, drinking
champagne ad libitum, being presided over by
a jolly, dark-bearded Major Lemmon.     Riding
to the Sickles� Camp afterwards, I was taken
throughout it by the different officers, finally
witnessing the sunset parade and returning
to New York by the 7 o�clock boat.    When I
got back, pretty well tired out, Boweryem ap-
peared (with a fellow-cockney) at supper and
the news that he had seen Cobb at the �World�
office to-day; who was then at a Courtland
Street hotel.    Boweryem took it rather ill
that I didn�t go thither instantly.
  8.  Saturday.   To Excelsior head-quarters
in the City-hall.  Hayes, the bearded Briton,
who we saw at the Naval Brigade on Staten
Island there.      To Merchant�s Hotel; Cobb
and his wife off, northwards.      Up-town.   Ha-
ney and Morris came to supper.         Out with               
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