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Text for Page 228 [06-07-1861]

	The Federal Chasseurs.
of whom Charley Honeywell is one.   He has
returned with the Seventh from Washington, with
the ordinary burnt-brick complexion, and the
shortest conceivable crop of hair.   This taste of
soldiering, and the glory thereby accruing, has re-
instated him as a visitor to 745, from which
position he seceded about eight months ago;
partly, I think, because he wasn�t made enough
of; partly because the family � led by
Jack � were very Republican during the presi-
dential election, whereas Charley considered
himself a Democrat.   (His mother is Kentucky-
Irish in origin.)            After the parade, which
was shortened by the rain, Haney and I ad-
journed to the drill-room, atop of a tall buil-
ding in Mercer street, where we found Jack Ed-
wards and a collation.           The Chasseurs were
all boys of less than three-and-twenty, in loose
red trousers and other military costume; very
honest young fellows, who enjoyed themselves like
such, being specially attentive to their 
�invited guests,� in answer to which toast Haney
had to speak, I responding to �the Press�
in brief sort.       Jack was delighted and taking
Haney�s advice resolved to enroll himself as
a member of the corps.                Talking with               
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