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Text for Page 173 [09-03-1851]

              supper:  Mason busying himself to make a fire, while I plucked and
anatomized the turkey.  Anon I descended again to the river, for the purpose
of washing the bird,  and returning, with that done  and bottles twain of bear;
we strung turkey gypsey-fashion
			Betwixt two poles upon a string transverse.
Mason had built a famous fire, glowing charred [wood?] heating the two stones
�tween which it was thoroughly.  And marvellously picturesque was the whole
scene.   We sate on a irregular rock ledge; tall tree tops below, down
down, till the eye lit on the river. Above us rocks, trees, cliffs,
and all around shutting us out from the world.  The fire glowed and
leapt and sparkled in the evening breeze, burned string and down came
turkey.  So we had to toast him, and ere long he was cooked to a
miracle, and on a rock for table, we fell to, and with turkey, buisciuts
salt, beer, and subsequently a slight toss of brandy what a glorious supper
we did have to be sure.  Fine, fat, fresh little turkey, he wasn�t made
to eaten by Yankee clod-poles, or to be kept for heathen Thanksgiving days,
or New Years dinners; � we appreciated him!     Supper over, a delectable
contemplation smoke, and then the shades of even closing round us, we descend.
to the Grocery Store, and I from the proprieter thereof demand permission to 
sleep in hayloft adjacent, which is accorded, and up a marvellous ladder into
it straightaway.   There, over a stable (in which, I think the cow inhabiting
it, munched all night long,) we made our couches, taking off books, and
after penetrating deeply into the hay, and covering ourselves with our coats; (my
big loose one admirably adopted for the purpose,)  we were long fell asleep and
slumbered soundly till the clear cold fresh breeze coming in at the open
  {4. Thursday}     door window facing us and looking northwards, aroused us to
the birth of another day.       Up we rose, all covered with hay seed,
and to the river brink where we laved to our satisfaction, and then               
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