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Text for Page 230 [06-08-1861]

Haney this evening, he mentioned that he had
seen, in an English paper, an account of the
application of one Alcock, an ex-British sol-
dier, to a magistrate in London, for relief;
he having lived in New Orleans.   This is, un-
doubtedly, the old boy once employed on the
�Picayune,� whom Haney superseded.  Dick
Hutchings told me, some years ago, that he had
got the old man a berth, I think as city-
editor, on the New Orleans �Delta.�  Alcock
was an Irishman who had been at Gibraltar,
a well-intentioned old boy; an ass, I�m af-
raid, who wrote poorly enough and whom Joe
Scoville professed to have discovered in a gar-
ret in Antony Street, near the Five Points.
He introduced him to the �Picayune,� in the
Hutchings and Woodward days.    I fear the
old boy rather chuckled over and was a sort
of left-handed Sir Pandarus of Troy to Dick
Hutchings� promiscuous copulations.   He knew
Allie Vernon, too, and affected a great mys-
tery about keeping her address secret from the
vulturous w Watson, father of the little bas-
tard now adopted by Sol Eytinge.  Bye the
way, the other Watson, the little, low cockney,
talks of his having been as deep in Allie�s favor               
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