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Text for Page 233 [06-08-1861]

            Cahill sloughing off again.
We were courteously entreated, of course,
shewn throughout the building by a Captain
and adjutant, had a little dinner prepared
for us and took our bottle of champagne to it.
The regiment is a pet one, got up by Mayor
Wood, who is its especial patron: it was �ac-
cepted� before a dozen men had enrolled their
names, whereas other regiments, not possessing
influential patrons, find it difficult to get either
acceptance or countenance.  Jack was highly de-
lighted throughout, and we returned pleasantly
by steamboat � smoking exceedingly strong cigars,
the gift of �the regiment,� by the way, and part-
ing at 6, at Bleecker Street.                  Spent the
evening down-stairs in the parlor.             Cahill
hasn�t continued his payments to Larason,
and seems penniless; all his salary going some-
how; he was more than tipsy, according to our
landlady, at dinner-time on Sunday, and I
remarked, at the supper-table, that he was
cranky and captious towards Boweryem.
  11.  Tuesday.   Writing.       Violent thunder
and lightning storms with hail and rain.     The
day clearing at sunset, I called unsuccessfully
for Haney; then walked up to 38th street and
visited W. Leslie.               
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