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Text for Page 234 [06-10-1861]

        Will Waud returns to New York.
  12.  Wednesday.   Jack Edwards up.   Down
town with him; a lovely day.     In Nassau
street met Haney and almost simultaneously
Clarence Eytinge, who told us that W. Waud
had returned from the South � that he had
just seen him at Frank Leslie�s.      So we hur-
ried thither; saw J. A. Wood and very soon
Waud and Leslie.    Ten minutes� talk and
an agreement on his part to dine with me
and Jack and I went off to the �Evening
Post� Office, and from there to Grand Street fer-
ry, where we crossed to Williamsburg, there
taking a one-horse omnibus, which ran on
a rail-track, through Williamsburg and out
onto the pleasant country road, leading to
East New York.     Alighting at this place, af-
ter four and a half miles of lazy sunny
travelling, we were at the Camp of the 2nd
Regiment of Scott Life Guard, and soon found
ourselves in a room with a knot of its officers,
drinking bad champagne and talking with equal
fluency.   They gave us the usual welcome and,
in half an hour, dinner, after which we made
the rounds to look at the Camp, a brother of
the advertising agent, Weston, who has some post
in the regiment � I think of Secretary � ac-               
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