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Text for Page 237 [06-12-1861]

	Will Waud�s Story.
  (He suppressed a good deal, and lied, as I learned after-
rade.          I found W. Waud at the house
and we supped together, adjourning to my
room and cigars afterwards, where we had a
great talk, apropos of Charleston acquaintan-
ces and Southern matters generally.    Will
made another journey to Alabama and
thereabouts, beside that on which he started
from Charleston in February.      At Montgomery,
the capital of the �Confederate States,� he had
an adventure; one Shorter, editor of the �Mo-
bile Advertiser� pronouncing Frank Leslie�s pa-
per to be an Abolition sheet and threatening
Waud, after the usual style; saying they did-
n�t want him there &c.       Not long afterwards,
when Jeff. Davis came to be inaugurated, and
all the town rushed to the railroad dep�t to
meet him, Will remained at his hotel to write
a letter and going out to post it, was met on
returning by three men who accused him of being
a spy and a G__d__n Abolitionist, to which
he responded resolutely and in kind, backing
against a wall and presently, on their manifesting
indications of producing pistols, drawing or
laying his hand on his revolver and threaten-
ing to use it, when they �backed down.�    He
had no further trouble and his friends               
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