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Text for Page 239 [06-12-1861]

	The State of Things
people�s shoulders through the streets of Char-
leston, had he come ashore there.       When he
and his men departed, the troops assembled in
line on the shores and gave him rousing cheers.
  Will�s sketch-book contained a great variety
of sketches of the interior of Sumter, after the
bombardment; all representing the most extra-
ordinary demolition and dilapidation.      Moul-
trie was knocked about a good deal, too.  
Ripley is now in command of Sumter.    The
city is now very full of people, the families coming
in from their plantations; everything comparative-
ly quiet.       The Murdochs, Spear, Avery and
other acquaintances, as usual.     George Babbage
has joined the Home Guard � he, who is so sensi-
tive as to be unable to look at a cut without
symptoms of fainting � and puts his musket
behind the door, when he comes home from drill,
to get it out of his sight.           Harry Covert has
been sick, from lying out in the rain, when
on duty on Sullivan�s Island.     Ramsay alias
Buckstone, never paid his bill at the Charleston
Hotel, on his return from Columbia.   Waud
saw, but rather avoided him, suspecting his
advances.     He �travelled� with Carlyle as usual,
as did Salters, the N.Y. Times� Correspon-               
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