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Text for Page 240 [06-12-1861]

	      In Charleston.
dent, otherwise �Jasper.�       Dan Miller and
the Richland Rifles are in Virginia, where they
have obtained consent to their unanimous petition of being
put foremost, when there�s bloody occasion for
it.          Will represents the war-feeling as tre-
mendously unanimous throughout the South,
saying that but for Pickens of South Caro-
lina�s, and Brown of Georgia�s proclamations
to compel the troops to remain at home, every
man and boy would be now in Virginia.       Of
course they have their own stories about the atro-
cities perpetrated by the enemy; as we have, with
possibly the same mixture of truth and error.
Will declares, positively, that there was nobody
killed during the bombardment of Sumter, and
is chafed at the pertinacity with which people
here adhere to the amiable statements to the con-
trary.       He should have remained and shared
the fortunes of the South, he says, but for his
wife, whom her friends have being filling with
stories prejudicial to him, and croaking at.
Talking of Pancknin (who appears to have
returned to Charleston very shortly after my
meeting with him in Broadway), he told how
the young Carolinian went to Laura Keene�s
theatre, to see the �Seven Sisters,� and when a               
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