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Text for Page 241 [06-12-1861]

	  Charleston News.
pretty representative of his native state had to
passionately �secede� from the rest of the band,
he applauded and handed or threw her a bouquet, �
when a jolly row occurred in consequence, which
Pancknin and his friends, occupying a private
box, braved with all the pluck in the world.
Woodward has returned from Florida, not
much better in health.     Heiss is in Brooklyn.
Lindsay�s �sister� proves to have been his mis-
tress; she was recognized as the wife of one
of the workman at his Newhaven Arms� fac-
tory, by a fellow employee, at Charleston.   This
Waud learnt from Mrs. Woodward.     (I had
my suspicions at Charleston, and afterwards, but
thought they might be unjust; so I didn�t chro-
nicle them.)           After the appearance of the
picture of the Charleston Hotel hall, in the �Lon-
don News,� Waud was questioned a good deal
about the possibility of my having sent it; but 
my letter to the �Courier� made it more than all
right and renewed my popularity.     �I might 
go thither tomorrow, and every body would be glad to
see me.�     Will ahd been up to the �Illustrated
N.Y. News� office and seen Sol Eytinge, who
talked about Will�s enlistment, advising him
to be careful &c., saying that it was a good               
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