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Text for Page 242 [06-12-1861]

	Sol Eytinge bumptious.
thing he hadn�t come back some weeks ago,
during the excitement and abusing me as a
Secessionist.   Will championed me, as I did
him, when, not long ago, Rondell told me
how Sol had been talking about kicking
Will�s �� on his return; in response to
which I commissioned the jolly Frenchman
to tell Eytinge that I was willing to act as
Will�s deputy and to accept any consequences
which anybody wanted to attempt 
inflicting.                By 8 we went round to
the drill-room of the Federal Chasseurs, fin-
ding Honeywell, Haney, Jack Edwards,
his father and Mort Thomson there, the
latter and Jack having joined the corps.  There
was also a Boston young fellow named
Smith, known both to Alf and Will Waud,
with whom, and another, after the party
had broken up, I and Will adjourned
to the Waverly, where we stayed half-
an-hour or more and then parted.  Will, by
the way, came back as far as Baltimore by
land, thence by water, being put aboard the
Cumberland, a U. S. vessel, under a flag of
truce or something of the sort, as a British
subject and from thence aboard a steamer.               
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