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Text for Page 243 [06-12-1861]

              A Trick of Boutcher�s.
  To 745, rejoining Haney, Mr. Edwards
and Jack.     Talking with Matty principally.
Sally and Nast on sofa, as usual.       Mrs. Ed-
wards present, and Honeywell.
  13.  Thursday.   Mr. Edwards up to see me,
to inquire about Bob Gun�s American Agency,
in view of sending things to him.     The old gentle-
man was himself pretty largely engaged in a
transatlantic Express company, some eight or
ten years ago; when Haney (imported from
Pennsylvania by Jim Parton) made his first
essay in New York life as his clerk.      A let-
ter from Hannah � love and hope and patience
and tenderness, always!      Boutcher borrowed
the photographs I sent from Charley, got duplicates
made surreptitiously and disposed of them to the
�London News,� insomuch that Charley had some
difficulty in proving the originality and 
Boutcher�s dishonesty.    After all he was a selfish
dog in his youth - but this is a dirty trick at the
expense of an old friend.     They say he married
for money, too.          This anecdote of Hannah got
from Rosa Bolton that was, who has been brought
to Neithrop by Charley.    He projects going into the
picture business in London, in company with an old
German bachelor, named Graff, who has a place               
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