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Text for Page 244 [06-12-1861]

	    �Billy Mulligan.�
in Paris and likes Charley � as, indeed, most
people do.   Charley projects leaving Chigwell in
October.           Talk of friends and visitors at
Chacombe.          Sarah Ann Bolton says that
poor old Conworth left his money to John: I
had inferred, from a former letter of George Bol-
ton�s, that John had taken it.           Charley goes
to sleep at Chigwell during his wife�s
Neithrop visit, Naomi and Lucy (I suppose
our waiting-maid) keeping house for him.
Good little Gazey is prosperous � buying land.
  Writing till 5, then down-town.            In-doors
all the evening.
  14.  Friday.   Found Cahill writing a letter
for and at the suggestion of Billy Mulligan, the
pugilist and convict.    This man, a California
gambler and desperado, was sentenced to im-
prisonment at Sing Sing, six months ago, is now
at large, expecting another trial.     His offence
was drawing a pistol in a gambling-house.    He
asserts, however, that the enmity of Wilkes secur-
ed his conviction, and that it�s cause originated
in his (Mulligan�s) refusing to perjure him-
self in affirming the legality of a forged will,
that of Senator Broderick (shot in a duel)
which will had been executed by Wilkes and               
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