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Text for Page 246 [06-13-1861]

              Changes at 745.
conversational, presently Eliza and pre-
sently Sally.    I had a bit of a spar with
the latter: we were talking South Carolina
when I said we always liked those who licked
us.     Quoth Sally, with her old, calm trick of
saying pretty things, �To know you is to like
you, Mr Gunn!�        �And,� I continued, �Waud
tells me that if I went thither again, I should
find the liking hadn�t changed.�    Mrs. E and
the old gentleman talked awhile.    There�s a
bill up outside, advertizing the basement � our
basement � to let � heigho!         Jack appearing,
with him to the �Evening Post� office.      Saw
Maverick and Godwin.     Thanks to the good-
will and generosity of the latter, got $40
for my five articles � nearly double what I
expected.       To Staten Island with Jack.
Visits to two fragmentary companies � rather
abortive morning.      Bread, cheese and lager.
Return by 5.             Shepherd up in the eve-
ning.     He told how Shanley, Mullen and
F. Wood, and I think others, ahd been down
to the Highlands to visit George Arnold, all
of them having a �big drink� together.    He says
also that �Fitz� (O�Brien) expects to be               
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