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Text for Page 008 [06-15-1861]

	Foster�s Gossip about
the story attributing intoxication to Anderson at
a dinner party, on the eve of the evacuation of
Moultrie, Foster stated that he had himself
given a party at a house temporarily rented
by him on Sullivan�s Island; when he had
got rather inebriated.    He was willing to al-
low me to infer that this was part of the secret
plan, though I question it; for I noticed a
rather prominent wish to arrogate the credit of
this and other matters to himself, at the expense
of Anderson and his brother officers.     The Ma-
jor, he said, suggested the plan to him, and he
(Foster) alone saw to effecting it.  It was kept
secret from the men until the last moment.  Foster
spiked the guns.      I asked him why he
did not do it more effectually, using a rat-
tailed file and breaking it off, or ramming a
cannon-ball down the barrels; when he re-
plied that the intention was only to prevent
the guns looking towards Sumter being used 
to stop the evacuation of Moultrie.  He con-
demned the burning of the gun-carriages.   The
letter from an officer�s wife, describing her
apprehensions in Moultrie, first printed in
the �Post,�x was written by Mrs. Doubleday.  Foster
disapproved of that.            In effecting the
	Page 151. Vol 16.               
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