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Text for Page 009 [06-15-1861]

        The Doings in Charleston Harbor.
transmission of the men to Sumter, in one of
the passages, their boat almost touched the
General Clinch, one of the little Charleston
night-cruising steamers; when, in apprehen-
sion of molestation, Foster was for firing
upon her, and had hot words with an officer
�whom he would not name,� in consequence.  A-
gain he professed disappointment and dis-
satisfaction at Fort Sumter�s not having open-
ed fire on the �rebels,� on the attack upon the 
�Star of the West.�   He prayed, he said, that
a string might be accidentally pulled.    �It
only needed a word, but that word was not
given!�     �Why wasn�t it?� I asked.   He
shrugged his shoulders with, �I say nothing!�
He was, first, for fighting it out in Moultrie.
�You couldn�t have held it,� I said.    �Not un-
less we had been relieved; � we should all have
been sacrificed, but �� &c. &c.      I believe he
did injustice to the Carolinians there; indeed
he was generally bitter against them.     He had
lived down-South; been a �Southern rights�
man, politically.       Ripley he knew well enough;
had seen him after the bombardment of Sum-
ter; pronounced him a mere Soldier of For-
tune, and told me his history.     He was a 
New Yorker, had received his military education               
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