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Text for Page 012 [06-17-1861]

       Governor�s Island Acquaintances.
view with a white-haired and incommunica-
tive Captain Whitely, and a walk about the
island, towards the hospital, for the sake of
old associations, I returned in a queer little
steamer, which now plies between the city and
the island.     The half-owner of it is one Kelly,
once a boatman, who recollected Barth very
well and my old Governor�s Island acquaintances
of eight years ago.      Buchman (or Beukman)
the German sergeant who was so anti-Scott in
the Presidential election period, took to drinking,
deserted and died, I think at Old Point Com-
fort.      Creesey, Kelly knew nothing of, but had
an indefinite idea that he was dead also.        Li-
vers is in the service still; his daughter, once
the mistress of Captain De Russy, lives in
New York, with her hussband Johnny Keogh.
This woman was an abominable person
generally; a rank harlot of diabolic nature �
she burnt a kitten alive, in a stove, for having
damaged some article of feminine finery; as
Barth�s wife, who detested her, told us at Mack-
inac.    I remember being introduced to �Liz Li-
vers,� as they called her, on one of my early 
visits to the island.       The mother-in-law of the
boatman, Kelly, was matron or something of
the sort to the hospital.            Evening with               
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