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Text for Page 013 [06-17-1861]

Cahill to the drill-room of the �Federal Chas-
seurs,� thence, alone, to 745.   Talking with Mr.
and Mrs. Edwards � she has leisure of evenings,
now, from lack of business, and declares that she
has not known how tired she has been for years,
until this interval of rest.       Eliza and Matty
came in presently, and sat working at the table.
Anon came Sally, Nast and, accidentally at the 
same time, Haney.   Jack and Honeywell return-
ing from drill, the former�s red trousers were
duly chaffed.      Left at 11, Haney walked 
with me to Bleecker Street, I returning with
him to 16th; talking about the family and �
  18.  Tuesday.   To Governor�s Island again,
going and returning in Kelly�s little steamer.
After an hour�s waiting saw the Colonel and
obtained partial facilities.       At the �Evening
Post� Office met Bigelow, looking very broad and
healthy, the results of �doing nothing,� as he said, in
the country.     They ought to have sent me to report
the war, for the paper, he declared.           If he had
not have relinquished the editorship, I should
have had that post.          At Strong�s door met
Banks, Hamilton and Briggs.            To Harper�s,
to get a book.     Up-town.    Wrote to Bob Gun,
as promised to Mac Cullough.           Our board-               
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