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Text for Page 016 [06-18-1861]

	Shepherd�s Decadence.
private, to any new women-boarders, as a
woman-hater, one who didn�t believe in virtue
� i.e. herself.      They always tell me of it, pro-
fessing surprise at finding me such a very dif-
ferent person!                       Bradshaw, too, goes
for a trip to St. Domingo, accepting a super-
cargoship, for the benefit of his inflammatory rheu-
matism.      A good-humored, uglyish man, and a
great squire of dames.
  19.  Wednesday.   Writing.   Out in the after-
noon, to tailor &c.           At work on military
article till 1 A.M.           Shepherd up about 9,
rather drunk and communicative.       How he
had borrowed a sum of money, for some special
purpose, squandered it in liquor and harlots,
and in treating O�Brien to dinner. (Which in-
dividual brags of licking Maverick for an
article in a country paper, pitching into the Se-
venth, attributed to, but not written by A. M.
He will do it when he turns honest.)
  20.  Thursday.   Shepherd up again, and
took Cahill out, to be treated to beer.  To
�Evening Post� Office with copy.  Met J. A. Wood
in Nassau Street, who talked about returning
to England this year, professed with detestation
of Americans, north and south, and a charita-
ble wish that each party might exterminate the               
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