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Text for Page 017 [06-20-1861]

	More Talk with Haney
other! �They were all so d____d dishonest!� he
said.     Bill Waud is at work regularly for Frank
Leslie.      Sol Eytinge, Wood opines, is mightily
tired of his connubial experience � but Wood
hasn�t visited him for two years.           Haney
came up: talked with him.           To the enlist-
ing place of the Mozart Regiment; saw Crofts
who told me that Cocks, the colonel, had been
hissed out of the regiment and gave me a spe-
cial invitation to visit the camp again, �bring-
ing a lady-friend.�           Writing till evening.
Haney came up about 10, having been at 745,
where in honor of Josie Brown�s presence, they
had got up a bit of a dance which wasn�t
a success.   Tommy did some of the �monkey
shines,� which peculiarly excite the wrath of
Morris, and Sally looked on with a grave face.
Knudsen was present.   In default of others,
Sally is making friends with the kindly, but
sometimes wearisome Dane, whom Nast regards
as a Nass and a Bore.              Haney and I
smoked many pipes and after midnight went
out for beer, and I walked to 16th street
with him, where we sat on Mrs. Potter�s door-
step conversing.      I find he still loves Sally �
loves and hates her in equal proportion.     He
believes, and I think with reason, that the girl               
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