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Text for Page 018 [06-20-1861]

	On the old, old Subject.
ridicules him behind his back and sees that
Nast triumphs in his success.        I believe he
is right, for this reason; Tommy isn�t strong
conversationally and when hard-up for topics,
a little detraction is so easy.     It looks smart,
too.    The present aspect of the lovers � if one
may call them so � entirely justifies my estimate
of Nast, communicated to Sally on the memorable
evening proceeding his departure for Europe.    She
is not satisfied with her bargain.           She sits
silent beside him at times, and when she thinks
Haney observes it, talks to Nast, laughs and 
affects to be entertained.    The pair don�t manage
their wooing well, and everybody seems to resent
the sofa business, with a unanimity which is down-
right funny.          Then, too, the other girls, who all
try a leaf out of Sally�s book, affect little smart-
nesses and are less kind � even less courteous �
to visitors than they might be.      So the result
is that nobody goes there.   Welles has seceded,
all but entirely; old Knudsen (who is nobody in
particular) drops in, perhaps once in three weeks;
Charley Honeywell calls but �won�t stand no 
nonsense�; Haney goes thrice a week and is
none the happier for it � but he can�t deny
himself the indulgence, though I know his
heart aches for it.             The family is under a               
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