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Text for Page 019 [06-20-1861]

            Plans about Sally�s Marriage.
social Quarantine, from which it may emerge
all the pleasanter.            It is arranged that
Sally shall go to Nast�s home, when they are
married, his mother residing there, then, as now.
(Nast lives near the Weehaken Ferry, some dis-
tance up-town.)     This is a sensible arrangement,
and if Sally has the kindness and wit to accept
her husband�s mother, the honest old German
woman, (who can speak no language but her
own) may become an agreeable and useful
feature in the young wife�s little domestic world.
  Haney doesn�t want to be present at the
marriage; he projects an assumed necessity
for a visit to Philadelphia when the time comes.
I should like to see it well enough, having an
insatiable desire to be a Looker-On at every-
thing; but it would involve the necessity of
shaking Nast by the hand, which would be
hypocrisy, as I don�t like the little beggar and
he knows it.        And you always hate a man
the more, if you try to force your inclinations
and be civil to him.         So its just as well
that I shall probably be in Canada, when
Sally Edwards drops the latter half of her
name.     What a deal I have written about this
girl, to be sure, twenty times as much as about 
Hannah � grave, kind, earnest-hearted, patient,               
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