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Text for Page 037 [10-06-1849]

              She�ll yet be thine � that dear belief held ever
Still cherish that religion of thy heart:
She�ll yet be thine!  Oh God, I pray thee, never
From my sad bosom let that hope depart.
Still let me hope, and hoping, meet dull sorrow
With a calm smile, and from unshaken mind;
Strong in the faith that some forthcoming morrow
Unchanging Love its recompense shall find.
�Mine, mine!� fast throng the tears into mine eyes
At thought how that sweet hope in hours gone by
Tinted any day dreams, and upround me rise
Shades of the past; � the sweet, sad memory
Of my boy love. A very heaven to me
It was upon her angel face to gaze
Or musing in delicious reverie,
[words crossed out]
As homewards from her, I�ll my steps retrace.
          x	x	x	x	x	
 /   Verily if the Halting Devil of world kenning Alain Rene
Le Sage had unroofed No 79 York Street Jersey City on the
night of Saturday the 6th of October, 1848, he through the
driving rain and blustering wind would have beheld enough to
make his devilship laugh.  In one room stands b�hoy Ben in
his shirt and a most dramatic position, right arm extended; �               
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