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Text for Page 021 [06-20-1861]

loving and most unaffectedly pious Hannah!
� of whom I am altogether unworthy.
  Jim Parton told Haney about the marriage
arrangements.        Got home about 2 A. M.
  21.  Friday.   Down town by noon, met Bow-
eryem at Weston�s; to two places with him, then
to State Street, anon up-town, through the rain,
to dinner.      Out again at 5.        Writing during
the evening.           When I was in the �Evening
Post� office this morning, behind the counter, Ad-
dey came in, to purchase a newspaper.       I had a
talk with him.      He said he wasn�t doing any-
thing � hadn�t money too; declared that the man
in England on whom he had given an order for
money, in payment of Bellew, was dishonest; and
talked about going in the country, to live economical-
ly.      I didn�t dun him.      He showed me a poem
of his writing, an intended National American
anthem, one of the thousand and more sent in,
in answer to a public advertisement for the same
� which he had, also, got set to music and pub-
lished.      It is wholesome to know the regard
that these poetasters entertain for one another;
Boweryem always depreciates Stedman, Sted-
man affects a candid disparagement of the poetry
of his friend, Aldrich, and Shepherd comment-
ed laughingly on Boweryem�s speaking of his               
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