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Text for Page 022 [06-21-1861]

       Boweryem�s Vanity and �Cockiness.�
own �poems� and Shepherd�s in the same breath.
  Like everybody who knows Boweryem, Shep-
herd has his special experience of the little man�s
vanity.   When I was in Charleston and Bowery-
em moved into the two little rooms recently oc-
cupied by Shepherd, he told him confidential-
ly, with an air of extreme importance, that he
expected soon to remove to a suite of handsome-
ly-furnished apartments, as his income would
soon be $50 or more an a week.  He has an-
nounced his coming fortune to me, at least a
score of times; once he said he shol should have
his hair dressed every morning in consequence!
If he got an order for an advertisement;
the advertiser intimating that he might continue
it for a year or so, Boweryem came home 
and told you he had just made $500! 
when, perhaps, the man proved a defaulter
for the very first insertion!         I�m afraid he
wouldn�t show any better than the rest of us,
in prosperity; he is dictatorial and even tyran-
nous to dependents.  Indeed he must always
be playing first-fiddle: he is nothing, if not 
asserting his own importance.    It renders him
extremely provoking at times, as if not check-
ed he�s apt to ride his hobby over the limits
of other�s independence; in short to be guilty               
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