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Text for Page 023 [06-21-1861]

             A party of Four to Yonkers.
of downright impertinence.  If he sees a letter
lying on the table, open, from anybody he knows,
he glances at it, asks to read it; I�d not
trust him alone with anything I didn�t want
to come under his observation.    I believe this
sort of thing is one of the surest tests of instinct-
ive gentlemanliness: As far as my experience
goes, just about ninety-nine in a hundred per-
sons are able to come out of it in triumph.
  22.  Saturday.   With Mrs. Geary, Mrs.
Butler and Cahill to Yonkers, to visit the
Mozart regiment.  The trip was one of Cahill�s
suggesting, on the women rallying him, over the
breakfast-table, about �the gentlemen never taking
the ladies anywhere.�   I fell into it readily enough,
being willing to have an idle day and maliciously
enjoying the prospect of setting the other women
boarders cackling with jealousy.     Little Bow-
eryem was very glum about it, and asked
Cahill, when they were dressing, whether He
was to be left out in the cold? to which Cahill
responded with brutal candor, �Yes, he Was,�
adding further that �Of course we didn�t Want
him!�           The excursion proved pleasant
enough, the day lovely.     Riley had to be in
town, but they gave us our dinner, with the of-
ficers; we saw the arrangements of the troops,               
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