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Text for Page 024 [06-22-1861]

             Madames Geary and Butler.
then took a walk, about and adjacent to the
village.       Mrs. Geary was �squired by Cahill,
I walked with Butler.       The wife of the Irish
tenor is a very nice little woman, with blue
eyes, brown hair, not dark, and a fair,
English complexion.  She talks with a dainty,
clear, precise enunciation, with just a flavor
of Dublin in it, really delicious to listen to;
from its contrast with the speech of Americien-
nes.    She has pretty migniard ways, too, and
is evidently fond of her husband.      And he,
though good-humored, is an awful Paddy, with
a cock in his eye!       Mrs. Geary dislikes Pollock;
thinks him a snob and coxcomb.           The wo-
men have a story that he bragged about Mina
Geary to his fellow counter-jumpers, imported
by a Miss Lee, who dines at our table, and
whose �jumper�-cousin is employed in the store.
This Lee is Irish and was saponaceous to-
wards Ham.     How refreshing it is to hear
women praise one another to each others� faces,
especially if they be Irish!                   Mrs. But-
ler showed pleasantly enough; hers is the
common story � a husband drunken and
unfaithful.             We learnt from these women
matter tending to confirm suspicions that
I didn�t like to entertain respecting our land-               
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