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Text for Page 026 [06-23-1861]

          George Bolton�s Child dying.
a Major Henshaw, in pursuance of an ap-
pointment made for me with equal good-na-
ture and officiousness by Boweryem.      Got
northing worth the journey by way of informa-
tion.      Tried to find Bobbett�s residence, fail-
ed and returned to New York by 2; the
day blazing hot.   In-doors writing the rest
of the day, including the evening.   I got a
letter from George Bolton on Saturday �ad-
ditional sorrow in it.        The child, he says,
�can�t live over tomorrow�; he was sent for
�late last night,� to Conworth�s house, where
it has been in charge of John�s housekeeper.
John himself shows better than George had thought;
�he has been very, very kind, otherwise
I feel I should have gone mad. Hard 
work� George continues, �is at this season an
absolute necessity and my field-work is great-
ly in arrear.    x    x    x    I feel faint and
weary; I can neither eat, drink, nor sleep;
I work but, it is without hope; I have lit-
tle interest and no pleasure in it.   x   x   John
seems to have set his heart upon the little
creature with a fondness as great as my
own; he has been hanging over it these hours
and his housekeeper sits crying over it, like
a mother.�  Furthermore George urges me to               
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