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Text for Page 027 [06-23-1861]

	               At 745.
expedite my visit.
  24.  Monday.   Down-town 
                                 in the afternoon.  Writing
all the morning.    After leaving copy at the
�Evening Post� Office, rode up-town with Haney
and dined at Mrs. Potter�s, going together to
745 at about 9 o�clock.     Mr. and Mrs. Edwards
there; Sally, Tommy and Eliza on the so-
fa, and Matty working at the table.     I chatted
awhile with Mrs E. then talked with Matty;
who, fishing out a narrow strip of crimson silk
velvet, volunteered to transform it into a neck-
tie for me, then and there, and did it.     Eliza
seceded from the sofa temporarily, coming to the
table and anon returning, indignant at not being
taken enough notice of.  Nast left comparative-
ly early and, directly afterwards, Sally and
Eliza without saying good night to anybody,
went off to bed.      Jack came in from drill,
with his red breeches, and Haney and I left
at the usual hour.            He told me, the other
night, that he had resolved never to renew his
addresses to Sally until Nast returned � a con-
fession indicating that his passion was scotched,
not killed, and militating against past protesta-
tions of heart-wholeness.
  25.  Tuesday.   In response to an invitation               
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