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Text for Page 028 [06-25-1861]

       Mrs. Butler talks about Mrs. Levison.
in a letter from Whiteley (in answer to
one of mine) got up at 5 �, and by 9 suc-
ceeded in getting over to Governor�s Island (Kel-
ly�s little steamer being withdrawn for painting)
where, in the Ordnance Office, I obtained
what information I wanted, returning to the
city by 11 �.      Looked in at the �Evening Post�
Office, then up-town.         At military article
during the afternoon and part of the evening.
  I find Mrs. Butler had some acquaintance
with Mrs. Levison, knowing Mrs. Phalon,
wife to the �Paphian Lotion� man and crack
Broadway barber; who was Levi^|s|on�s brag
acquaintance.    Mrs. B. doesn�t like Mrs. L.,
hints at her equivocalities with other men, be-
fore Levison�s death; among others with this
Phalon.     I knew there was a certain mili-
tia colonel or captain, who once accompanied
her to Philadelphia, and who gave her so many
presents in the way of �jewelry� that Levison
made her return them.            This was the man
whom she once professed to �love� before her
husband�s and Mrs. Potter�s face.                 Phalon
is a low lot; has been a working barber; has the 
faculty of making money, haunts brothels
and the like.         He had a pew at Chapin�s
and the brute, once, objecting to some anti-sla-               
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