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Text for Page 029 [06-25-1861]

           Warne on Lotty, Brentnoll & Hill.
very sentiment in the sermon, insolently quitted 
his seat, slamming the pew door after him and 
strutting off with all the consequence in the world!
Cahill tells a story about Phalon�s visiting the
brothel frequented by his son; each unknown to
one another.     The wife is said to be a nice woman.
  26.  Wednesday.   Writing third military com-
pilation till 4 �; then down-town to �Evening
Post� office.   Up-town with Haney; he dining with
me.      (He was at 745 again last night!)        He
went off to the drill-room, after a smoke.
Writing during the rest of the evening.
  27.  Thursday.   A note from Alf Waud
at Washington, asking Bob Gun�s address.  Wrote
to him and to Cobb.       Down-town in the after-
noon with Cahill.         Returning on a 6th Avenue
car met little Warne (he who used to visit at our 
boarding-house) and talking with him about �Mrs.
Granville,� got some particulars about Brentnoll
and Hill; with whom Warne was pretty intimate,
during their residence in New York. According to
his showing, Hill, the quieter, was the worst of the
two; being extremely dissipated and mean to boot.
The two lived at the rate of about $50 a day,
the form at home suffering.    About Brentnoll�s
infatuation for Lotty, Warne supposed it equal-
led on the other side.   Both of them got to disliking               
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