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Text for Page 030 [06-27-1861]

          A Camp on South Brother Island.
Hill, I suppose for pecuniary reasons.  Warne
himself got into a row with Lott, on venturing
opinions as to the selfwill and revengefulness
of black haired and eyed women; when she was
�very personal� in her objurgations.   Finally the
two Englishmen chartered a vessel to South Ame-
rica, �to trade with the natives!�    Warne intro-
duced them to our landlady; he knew nothing
of Lotty before her appearance at this house.
He went to Fordham once.
  28.  Friday.   Chores, and hither and thither
all the morning.   By 2, or sooner, to Peck Slip,
intending to visit another camp up the East River.
Owing to the employment of the two steamers
in the transmission of the California regiment,
(in which Hills is a first Lieutenant) recently 
quartered at Fort Schuyler on its way to the 
city, en route for the south; I and others had 
to wait till past 4; when the �General Arthur� ar-
rived and we steamed up Long Island Sound. 
I had intended going to Willett�s Point, but find-
ing I should experience some difficulty in return-
ing that same night, I accepted the invitation of 
a Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Cross of the Long 
Island Volunteers, recently the Brooklyn Phalanx, 
(a regiment petted of Beecher) and disembarking 
at Riker�s Island, was rowed in a boat to that               
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