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Text for Page 033 [06-28-1861]

                 With Haney to Newark.
join them, hiring two organ-grinders to play
to them and subsequently endeavoring to set
them fighting with one another.           I parted
with Shepherd at our street-door, perceiving
that he was not sober, and entered the parlor.
Presently, concluding from the absence of light
in my window, that I hadn�t gone up-stairs
he came again.       I gave him the slip, however;
when he fasted on Boweryem; wanted to as-
cend to my room to search for whiskey.
  29.  Saturday.   Writing till the afternoon.
With Cahill to the �Winter Garden,� to see Gayler�s
�American Cousin at Home.�   Rubbish.    Saw the
author on coming out.
  30.  Sunday.   With Haney to Newark, by boat.
(By the way poor old Hinckley died in Philadel-
phia, last autumn.)         Jack and Larry Crockett
met us at the landing-place and we went home
with them, to the pleasant house where we re-
hearsed our Christmas play last winter.     Nicho-
las was gone off on a visit.     We dined, smoked
and talked, walking for a couple of miles to
Damoreau�s in the afternoon; finding him at
work, engraving up-stairs; his children �on
the rampage� below.   �The wife,� he announced,
�has one of her headaches in appropriate costume,�
so Madam Beatrice Damoreau, ex-Pradeux,               
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