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Text for Page 034 [06-30-1861]

	   Damoreau at Home.
didn�t appear.   I believe she had surveyed our
party through the window and resolved not to
risk tea for us.      The Crocketts are to some ex-
tent charmed with her; Jack�s wife congratula-
ted Larry, with feminine irony, on having found
�an intellectual woman� at last.      She instinctively
distrusts Mrs. D., whom she has not yet met.
Damoreau returned with us to the Crockett�s
house; we had stone-throwing and lager by the
way, and, after supper, pipes and talk.        I don�t
think Charley�s routine of life is a very jolly
one, now.    Up at 5, a two mile walk to New-
ark, a railroad journey to New York, wood-peck-
ing till 6, then return � to �Madame.�   She was
evidently alarmed at the idea of her bread-winner
escaping her; hence her comparative rapid assent
to his demands that she should leave Boston.
Haney and I returned to New York by the 9
o�clock train, had a dull hour at 745, where
were Morris, Honeywell and the inevitable Nast,
and then parted.            I should like to have
seen Nicholas to-day; neither he nor the Crock-
etts visit at 745 now.        They have been invited
to share our celebration of the Fourth of July,
as has Damoreau, but I don�t think they�ll 
come � unless Madame is curious about the
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