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Text for Page 035 [07-01-1861]

  1.  Monday.   Writing till evening.   Out with
Cahill for ale; he remorseful and talking about
his having been making a fool of himself.
  2.  Tuesday.  To �Evening Post� Office, saw Nord-
hoff and Maverick, then to Jersey City and by
a crowded stage, in which I was seated by a 
rather pretty woman (a carman�s wife, going to
visit her husband, who had volunteered) to New-
ark Bay.       Inspected the camp of the Anderson
Zouaves.     A breezy, sunny, but unusually cold
day.      A five-mile walk back to Jersey City.
A blustrous, raw evening.   Abed early.
  3.  Wednesday.   Writing.        Looked in at 745
in the evening, Matty being alone in the base-
ment, her sisters and Nast on the housetop,
watching the comet.  Selwyn, Hayes� brother-
in-law came.     Left soon and called on the Wood-
ward girls, taking them out to have ice-cream.
The night hot, the streets pyrotechnic, the girls
in great spirits.    Taking them back to the house,
I found Richardson, who boards there.
  4.  Thursday.   Up betimes and to 745, find-
ing Haney, Jack, Selwyn and Nast on the
door-step.    Presently breakfast down stairs,
during which the girls appeared, Sally with
her annual headache.         After 8 I set off               
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