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Text for Page 037 [07-04-1861]

with Haney and walked to Jay Street, where
we rejoined our party, on board the Metamora.
Morris was there, with a son of Knickerbocker
Clark; the latter not of us.         Off up the Hudson.
There never was a more beautiful or a hotter
fourth of July, and I enjoyed the sail enough.
At first I sat at the stern, under the awning,
chatting with Matty, who in the accustomed straw
hat, curls and light dress, looked pretty and
was good humored; anon I strolled hither and
thither, sometimes conversing with Ann, at others
with Morris. or having a pipe, looking at the
glorious river from the fore part.    Haney, Jack
and Selwyn got up some fun in the fire-
cracker and harmonious way; Ann was not too
much sought after, and Nast sat beside Sally,
who held down her head as though it ached very
badly.      Morris had been commencing a small
poem and, borrowing my pencil, finished it
on board.       At �the fresh little village of Ny-
ack� we found Nichols awaiting us, as usual;
and soon reached his pleasant house which I
can hardly suppose wears any other than its
fourth of July aspect.     Idling, talking, smoking,
presently dinner.        Afterwards out for a sail-
ing excursion on the Tappaan Zee, Haney,
Jack and Matty going in a row-boat, pulled               
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