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Text for Page 038 [07-04-1861]

       �On the broad, bright Tappaan Zee.�
by the men, the rest of the party, consisting
of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, Anne, Sally, Eliza,
Nast, Selwyn, Morris, Nichols and some of the minor
Nicholses in the sail-boat.    The excursion would
have proved but slow, but for little Selwyn, who
kept up an incessant fire of amusingly bad conun-
drums; which the girls laughed at; which eclip-
sed Morris, and which Nast tried to receive with
congenial jocularlity.  Sally�s headache had gone,
I think; she sat at the t�other end of the boat
and said but little.   Eliza, on my right-hand,
was wholly taken up with Selwyn; I had no-
thing but the tiller on my left; so I smoked my
pipe and looked at the Tappaan Zee and didn�t
feel called upon for conversation.   It might have
been 4 � when we returned; though the rowers
and Matty (of whom we had soon lost sight)  
were a good hour later.          Sitting under the 
cool piazza, smoking, I was contrasting the
three anniversaries of the day, when Sally came
out, accidentally, and took a chair not far off;
presently asking whether I had enjoyed the boat-
ing party?    �As much as I expected,� I said.
�Then you didn�t expect much?� quoth she, ad-
ding something about why didn�t I talk as Sel-
wyn had done, and that they would have laughed
at it.    �Well,� I said, �the fact was, to use a               
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