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Text for Page 039 [07-04-1861]

	 Return to New York.
suggestive American vulgarism, that things
were played out and I knew it.�        To
that she said nothing, expect perhaps to Anne
who sat some little distance off.    Desirous of
ascertaining whether the girl cared about being friends
again, I remarked that we had a jolly time of
it last year.    �Yes,� she said, �Captain Worth
and his family were with us.�        That was a suf-
ficient no-thank-you; I said no more, but went 
on with my smoking.   Haney, Jack and Mat re-
turning, we had tea.        Then there was a propo-
sition started, to remain to a later hour than
had been intended, crossing the river in the sail-
boat in time for the 9 o�clock train.       That Mr
and Mrs. Edwards couldn�t tarry for, and I, 
who guessed remaining would be dreary, resolved
to return with them, leaving the rest to their plea-
sure or lack of it.          So leaving most of the
men bathing at the old spot, we crossed the
Zee in the ferry-boat and found ourselves
with the best part of an hour upon our hands,
which we disposed of in a pleasant walk about 
Tarrytown; one of the prettiest of places.   Then
the train came and whirred us to New York
in an hour.    Mr and Mrs E. got out at 30th 
street, I kept on to Christopher.       The streets
were pyrotechnic and choky as I walked to Blee-               
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