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Text for Page 179 [09-08-1851]

              want me, � and then � [words crossed out], [words crossed out] �
Bah! what stuff this is? What the devil�s it to do with me?  Keep
to your books, learn to know yourself, and be content with the part of 
looker on, not without Sympathy however.
  9.   Tuesday.   To J B Holmes, doing another Flushing &c. land-
scape.   A singular recontre with an old schoolfellow at Guthrie�s. Wilkins.
Coming into the Office on business with Holmes, he hearing my name, at once
recognized me � I should never have known him .   He had used to stut-
ter horribly, this didn�t appear.   Many an evening have I, full twelve
or more years back, spent at his fathers house, close by the Reservoir in
the Hampstead Road.   His mother I recollect as a good looking woman, and
very kind to us.  I was glad to hear of both parents being living. / He had
met Guthrie, recently, and thinks he had been travelling as agent � how
I�d like to find him out.       Gave Wilkins my address � he �seemed pleased
at the meeting, he living in Brooklyn.           Called on Anderson and got $5.
/  A letter from Dillon Mapother at dinner time.   Holmes again.  Mac
Namara calling &c.     Indoors writing all the evening; � commenced letter
to Boutcher.
  10. Wednesday. Holmes� all day.  The heat of the weather intense.  Very
lonely,  ill and matagrabolized.   Writing in the evening.    Joe called,
which disposed me to think kindly of him.
  11. Thursday.  An hour at Holmes finished drawing.  Got paid $5
for preceding debt.   To Castle Garden for linen.  None there.  Been four
days in the same shirt and feel filthy, as if living in another mans perspirat-
ion.  Horribly sultry weather.     Another unsuccessful visit there in the afternoon
Writing during the evening till late, musquitos and fumigation. Met Donovan
in the morning.     Must send some M S to the �Albany Dutchman,� he says
they�ll pay well, if articles suit.               
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