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Text for Page 042 [07-09-1861]

              From New York to Albany.
at the cool farther end, Matty and her mo-
ther nearer the street-front.   My farewell was
a very brief one and, returning to Cahill, we
rode up Broadway and to the N.Y. and Har-
lem railroad dep�t, at the corner of the Fourth
Avenue and 26th street.   Another claret-punch
and a bit of a preachment to Cahill, and I am
fairly off.    The day, a blazing midsummer one
in the city, was agreeably tempered by occasional
breezes when we got out of it, and the motion of
the cars.       Off we rattled, through West Chester
(not without a stray thought of Lotty, as we rush-
ed past Fordham) and the eastern portion of New 
York State.    I got an exclusive side seat, near
the door, read the three daily papers, sipped at
pocket-flask, got dusty and studied faces of
fellow-passengers.     So the day wore on; the
country looking lovely in its midsummer glory.
No change of cars at Chatham, where the road
branches off towards Albany.   A little rain.
Pause for lunch.      Had had mine in the car, so
took a wash instead.       More rain.    Arrival at
Albany during a shower (as in my last year�s
experience) and over the ferry, into the city.  A
run into the Broadway office of the N.Y. Central
R. R. and got pass over their line � Lloyd, of
the R. R. Guide, having given me a letter for that               
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