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Text for Page 043 [07-09-1861]

	       At Rochester.
purpose, and in effect putting me through sans
expense the whole distance.    Back to the dep�t
and, ascertaining that we should not arrive at
Rochester until 2. A. M., entered a sleeping-car.
Off by 7, about twenty minutes after our arrival
at Albany.   Another rain-storm, which, having
passed over, ameliorated the dust and dirt of the
journey.      Sundry washes.  Supper, and a good
one; twenty minutes being allowed for it.    At 10,
our various seats were transmuted into couches,
into one of which I turned and slept soundly,
but for the exception of another wash, until our
  10.  Wednesday.}       arrival at Rochester at the
hour above-mentioned; when I entered the Law-
rence Hotel, had some ale and went incontinent-
ly to bed.      Up at 7, a big wash, then breakfast,
then out to find Heylyn�s place of business, which
a sign of a gilt fish suspended from a rod
sufficiently indicated.  Two rooms up a short
staircase, one with a counter, glass-cases and 
fishing-tackle, the other a work-room.   Two
boys in the latter, one, a civil English-born one,
making artificial flies.      Heylyn had not appeared
yet, but was expected soon.       I waited half-an-
hour and he came, looking much as usual and
giving me a hearty welcome.         Presently, after
the advent of some customers, I went out with               
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