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Text for Page 046 [07-10-1861]

          Bill Rogers.     Heylyn�s Home.
yellowish complexion and bad teeth.   She
duplicated Heylyn�s friendly reception and
we all had dinner together; after which I re-
turned with Heylyn to his shop.     At 4, he
accompanied me to Rogers� office; where, find-
ing its occupant within, Heylyn left me.       Rogers
is a very hearty man of perhaps forty, with
some grey in his hair and beard; he recognized
me almost immediately.    We talked about Jim,
Fanny and 745 and he invited me to join a
proposed pic-nic on the following morning.  Re-
turning to Heylyn, at 6 we went home to supper,
playing whist afterwards, with the two women
till 10 o�clock; when Heylyn and I retired to
an upper room.   But it was a good hour before 
he could go to bed, for Mrs. H., down-stairs, sud-
denly determined not to share that of her female
companion, so that Heylyn had to coax and remon-
strate and with her.      When he came up to me
he was half-dismayed, half-exasperated.
  11.  Thursday.   A wet day, the weather frus-
trating all possibilities of pic-nicking, chill with-
al.      Put on heavy clothing and went to the shop
with Heylyn.     Over to Rogers� office and after
reading �Blackwood� for an hour, he came.  To
Heylyn�s.    Back to dinner at 1 �, returning
in the afternoon, by appointment, to Rogers�.               
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