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Text for Page 047 [07-11-1861]

	       Parton�s Sister.
With him and his brother to the lower fall,
the day still overcast, but the rain ceasing.
Rogers house is a good stone�s throw (say one of Damo-
reau�s shying) from the site of the burnt do-
micile, on the other side of the road.  We found
Mrs. R. and her two children in a comfortable
room; where, in spite of the month, a wood
fire was very welcome.    She had a convalescent
look, having, indeed, been seriously sick until very
recently.     The children are both young, the
boy six, the girl four.     (Willy was a correspondent
and admirer of Sally Edwards, last summer,
as, I think, was little Ned Nichols.    This was
a speciality of Sally�s.)   I have diarized a 
good deal about Jim Parton�s sister before;
especially during my Grafton confidences with
Sally Edwards; wherein that young lady�s pretty
shrewd estimate of Mrs. R. is set down at length.
Mary Parton eloped with her present husband,
as alluded to in Fanny Fern�s �Ledger� letter,
pitching into the �Friends of the Happy Couple.x�
Rogers was born in Livingston county, N.Y.
State, went to California in the early days of the
gold discovery, made money, and is now a
thriving man, owning his house and forty acres

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