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Text for Page 048 [07-11-1861]

               With the Rogers Family
of land.   He is also an even-tempered, hearty
fellow, generally popular.           After supper,
in company with his �uncle John,� an old
man, a schoolmistress of pleasant aspect and
sundry others; I took a walk with Rogers,
through his grounds and to the scene of Janu-
ary�s fire, which had made a complete clea-
rance of the house they then dwelt in.  It over-
looked the lower fall.    In a thriving market
garden adjacent, owned by Rogers, and let
on friendly terms to the two Pillows, who reside
with him, we found one of Jim�s half-brothers,
Ned.        They both work hard and are pros-
perous.      John Pillow, the elder, is a punctual
correspondent with Jack Edwards; who, I ima-
gine, posts him up pretty minutely about what
transpires in and concerning the family.       Re-
turning to the house, Rogers read aloud to us
from the day�s �Tribune,� while some of us smo-
ked by the fireside.        Bed-time at 10.
  12.  Friday.   Loafing and improving my
acquaintance with little Kitty, through the me-
dium of a swing, under a tree.         A horseback
ride towards Lake Ontario, in company with
Mrs. and Mr. Rogers; he on a big black
horse borrowed form a neighbour; I mounted
the best of the party.       We left Mrs. R. behind               
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